veteran support

BIRKE supports Danish veterans

Veteran shooters was founded by one of Denmark's most decorated veterans, Jacob Panton, who was badly wounded by the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2012.

Jacob founded the association Veteranskytterne to create a community for wounded veterans who could no longer be in active service. Today, the association has over 100 members and offers activities for wounded Danish soldiers and their families.

"Our intention is to build community and good experiences for the wounded veterans and their families. It is not always easy to create a new life and find a new identity after life as an active soldier. We help and support each other when
life hurts"

At Birke, we are proud to support veteran shooters.

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Denmark's veterans

Denmark's Veterans helps and supports vulnerable veterans and their relatives.

pure wod

Birke has supported Denmark's Veterans through the sale of Rene WOD t-shirts.