Our logo is inspired and composed by the pattern of the T10 parachute and the black dagger, which is the global symbol of special forces.

The first BIRKE product was created in the early 70s from fabric scraps from sleeping bag manufacturing. The now iconic anorak and accompanying trousers quickly became popular within the special forces. It is still used to this day and is known as the BIRKE suit.



R&R tech pants. Great and properly ventilated to relax in. Cool enough to wear generally and warm enough not to freeze outside. Got mine last week - haven't worn anything else since.


RUNWAY TEE. Light and elastic t-shirt Incredibly delicious and soft t-shirt! Have used it for crossfit and it is really comfortable to wear, even if you sweat a lot. It doesn't get super heavy like I've experienced with others.


Good fit and nice design The tank top is super nice - both in fit, but also purely functional. It is good at absorbing sweat without it sticking too much to the body. It ventilates well and is at least breathable!


Most delicious and beautiful T-shirt I have owned to date. Fit, nice to wear, stretchable, just super cool.

Morten H.

Running anorak. Nice running anorak that is both water/windproof and light at the same time. I almost don't feel that I'm wearing it. Have no problems keeping warm in it with a t-shirt underneath. 5 deserved stars from here.