Carsten Møller, hunter soldier for 35 years and formerly responsible for the physical training in the corps for a decade, has tested two products.

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"Physical training in general and running in particular have almost been a passion for me since I joined the Armed Forces as a 17-year-old. Over the years, I have done everything from military pentathlon, triathlon and road running to marathons, cross country, orienteering, trail running and OCR. I still strength train and run approximately every other day and participate from time to time in various exercise runs and events.”

"In my capacity of, among other things, I have chairman of the Jægerkorps sports association for more than a decade, had the pleasure of collaborating with Per Vorbeck on sportswear for quality-conscious users since 2014. Per is the chief executive of BIRKE, and I must say that both the original and the new products fully live up to my expectations - both in terms of design, functionality and comfort. My experience of the individual products is completely in line with the presentation of them on BIRKE's website.”

the test


"Most tests were carried out under temperatures between 20-25 degrees and almost windless weather, and here BIRKE's Tank Top worked really well - yes, it actually felt almost as if you had no clothes on your upper body, which was absolutely perfect in the Danish summer heat.”



"The running shorts can be used both with and without underpants, but for me they work best with a thin underpants underneath. The shorts have a really good cut and feel very comfortable to wear - even when the thigh muscles are working maximum overtime up the steep paths and slopes in Rebild Bakker."