Birke's landmark

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With its design that combines the Danish flag, a refined parachute wing and BIRKE's slogan:

"Made for extraordinary people", our emblem is not just a brand, but a symbol for BIRKE's DNA, universe and special community.

BIRKE SHIELD signals and is synonymous with professionalism, cohesion and persistence. It is a testimony that you are part of something bigger.


Our logo is inspired and composed by the pattern and top hole of the T10 parachute and the black dagger, which is the global symbol of special forces.

The BIRKE logo symbolizes our history and DNA, but is also a gift to all Danish and foreign special forces.


Our unit badge is composed of the colors from Dannebrog and the Danish special forces' unit badges, while the dagger in the middle is the global symbol for special operations forces (SOF).

BIRKE's unit mark is also a tribute to the Danish special forces.