The first time I became acquainted with BIRKE was in 1977, when I completed Patrol Course 1 (silver) at the Jægerkorpset. In 1979 I completed Patrol Course 2 (gold), and here the hunters used the Birke anorak in that and their characteristic green colour. I myself bought my first Birke running coverall in 1977.

In 1980, I came to the Armed Forces' gymnastics school, where I was introduced to the National Team in the Military 5-match, and decided that I would do everything to qualify to join. I succeeded in the autumn of 1980, and I was subsequently on the 5-match national team for 6 years.

During the years on the national team, I sold BIRKE suits to both soldiers and civilians in Odense. On the national team, my favorite discipline was definitely the military obstacle course, and I was the first in many years to come under 2:20 min.

The hunting corps' special edition of the BIRKE anorak in the characteristic green with a black stripe on the sleeves.

"My Danish record stood for almost 25 years before it was broken".

The Danish record was 2:18:9 min. set in 1974 in Skive by Magnus Brink from the Jægerkorpset. I beat his record 10 years later in 1984 in Munich, where I ran in 2.18.4 min.

In 1986 in Wiener Neustadt Austria I broke my own record and ran in 2:16:00 min. Up until the zigzag bar I was close to a new world record, but in another competition two weeks earlier I fell off the bar so I was overcautious and lost speed on this one. My Danish record stood for almost 25 years, when it was broken. It happened in 2010 at the military WC (CISM) in the Netherlands, where the countryman - Daniel Wollbrecht - set a new world record at the same time.

At CISM the following year in Brazil, Daniel improved his own world record and ran in the absolutely phenomenal time of 2:10:5 min. - which is still the world record, but was surpassed in 2013 again in Brazil by the Chinese Pan Yuchend.

In 1986 in Wiener Neustadt Austria I broke my own record and ran 2:16:00.

I stopped in 1986, but have since run ultra mountain races, Swiss Alpine, Gore Trans Alpine, Ultra Mont Blanc. At a late age, I have run 26 marathons, the fastest of which was in Berlin in 2010 with a time of 2:48:42 - at the age of 50. For the last 7 years I have ridden MTB, both XCO and XCM, where I am still among the fastest in DK in my age group 60+.