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Are you one of those people who go completely off it if you miss a day at the gym? We at Birke1972 have been developing training clothes and equipment for the special forces for years and know if anyone what the right crossfit training clothes should be, how it should fit and what material it should be made of. Crossfit is a dynamic sport where every lift, sprint and squat counts , and here it is crucial to have the right equipment. And when we talk about equipment, your crossfit training clothes play a very central role.

We're at Birke1972, a brand that specializes in creating training apparel that not only meets, but exceeds the demands of crossfit enthusiasts. From our deep understanding of the intense nature of crossfit to our dedication to quality and design, we represent a fusion of functionality and fashion within the world of sport.

Why specialized crossfit training clothes are important

Crossfit is more than just a form of training and exercise. For many, Crossfit is a lifestyle, a passion, and a sport that requires the utmost in physical and mental strength. This brings us to a crucial aspect of any crossfit enthusiast's gear: the workout clothes.

Crossfit is unique in its versatility. It combines elements from weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio training, which places high demands not only on the person who practices crossfit, but also on the clothes that are worn. A typical crossfit workout (WOD) can involve anything from running and rowing to lifting and pull-ups. This versatility requires clothing that can adapt and support a wide range of movement without inhibiting any performance.

Extremely stretchy, breathable and light weight

We at Birke1972 know about the intense nature of crossfit and this places high demands on the durability and functionality of our training clothes. The clothing must be able to withstand repeated loads, maintain its shape and, not least, support the muscles correctly.

We believe that our crossfit training clothes are of the highest quality and that they can withstand being used. For example, you can take our 2-Layer Infiltrator Super Stretch as a starting point , which comes in a super stretchy and highly breathable material. We have used a super light and strong material that keeps the important things in place, but gets heat and moisture away from the body. They have been developed specifically for Crossfit and for those of you who love to do really deep squats. They can stretch up to 100%, so no matter what demanding exercises you do, they will follow your body's movements without in any way hindering you in your training.

The material feels light, thin and airy, but it holds up to anything you can think of to make out of wild things. If you participate in OCR or similar forms of training, we recommend our RECON shorts instead, which are also very stretchy but exceptionally strong.

The difference between regular sportswear and Crossfit-specific clothing

Although ordinary sportswear can be comfortable and functional for many forms of exercise, our crossfit training clothes differ by being designed specifically for the unique demands of crossfit. This includes clothing that is extra reinforced in areas that are typically exposed to wear and tear, such as knees and elbows during burpees or lunges. It also includes materials that can effectively manage sweat and provide optimal breathability, which is essential during intensive workouts. Our crossfit training clothes are also developed so that you can move in them. Eg. is our Runway T-shirt made in a stretchable material, with an elasticity of up to 50%, which adapts to the body's movements and gives you great freedom of movement.

Choosing the right workout clothes for Crossfit isn't just a matter of style; it's a matter of performance, comfort. By investing in specialized training clothes, you ensure that your body has the best support, so that you can give your best in each and every workout.

How to choose the right crossfit training clothes

Choosing the right crossfit clothing is not just a matter of fashion; it plays a central role in your training experience and the way you perform. This choice becomes even more critical when considering the varied and intense activities that Crossfit entails.

First of all, your crossfit training clothes must match the type of training you primarily participate in. E.g:

Weight training: Look for clothing that offers good support and compression, which can help stabilize your muscles while lifting. Here our Recon Stretch Shorts 8” can be suitable. Our primary focus and goal has been to develop super strong shorts that also have great adaptability. RECON is therefore woven from a material that can be stretched approx. 25%, allowing for great flexibility and freedom of movement when you exercise - whether you're sweating it out in the gym, tumbling around the obstacle course or revving it up on the trail.

Fitness training: Breathability and sweat-wicking materials are key words here. You must have clothes that help keep you cool and dry, will improve your comfort during high-intensity sessions. Here our Tank Top Ranger can be a perfect choice. Our tank top is made in our strong tech cotton. Here you will benefit from the best properties from both cotton and functional fibres. The organic cotton makes it soft and significantly reduces the smell of sweat, while the functional fibers make it strong and wick moisture and sweat away from the body. 

Calisthenics: Flexibility and freedom of movement are essential. Here you must use clothes that are stretchy and do not restrict your reach and movement. Here we have developed our Runway T-shirt. The stretchable material, with an elasticity of up to 50%, adapts to the body's movements and provides great freedom of movement - it hardly gets better! The fit holds up wash after wash, so you get a really durable, delicious and comfortable tee for both training and leisure.

Your personal preferences in style and comfort also play an important role. Some prefer tight-fitting clothing to avoid chafing, while others may want looser fits for maximum comfort.

By following these guidelines, you will ensure that you get the most out of your Crossfit clothing choice, both in terms of performance and long-term value.

Basic elements when it comes to crossfit training clothes

Crossfit is a combination of intensity and versatility in its training methodology, which places special demands on clothing. as a crossfit athlete, your wardrobe should focus on functionality and comfort to support the varied and demanding exercises.

Breathability is essential: When performing high-intensity exercise, it is essential that your skin can breathe. Functional tank tops made from breathable materials help to wick away sweat and keep the body cool. Here our Crop Tank is a perfect choice. Our Crop Tank is made from our strong tech cotton. Here you will benefit from the best properties from both cotton and functional fibres. The organic cotton makes it soft and significantly reduces the smell of sweat, while the functional fibers make it strong and wick moisture and sweat away from the body.

Freedom of movement: We have designed our clothing to allow full freedom of movement, which is essential in Crossfit, where exercises often involve complex movements.

Shorts and leggings: Durability and comfort

Durability for intense exercises: Leggings for Crossfit must be able to withstand repeated use and demanding physical activities. High-quality materials ensure that the garment does not wear or tear easily. Our Destruction Crossfit Tights are an obvious choice. Our tights have been developed in collaboration with five elite crossfit women from Team Butchers Lab, so here you get a pair of very high quality tights.

Super soft and comfortable crossfit tights in stretchy and breathable material with just the right weight. The material gets the sweat away from the body and onto the outside, where it evaporates, so you always feel dry.

The construction and material means that they do not fall down when you do squats or other exercises that require flexibility and great mobility.

Comfort and flexibility: A good fit is necessary to ensure comfort and flexibility during training. Our leggings are neither too tight nor too loose, and will in no way hinder your performance or cause discomfort during your workout.

Sports bras from Birke1972

Provides essential support: For women, a good sports bra is essential to provide the necessary support during high-intensity exercise. The right sports bra reduces discomfort and supports an effective workout. Our Sports Bra is made of a stretchable material that holds everything in place throughout your training and the material has a unique stretchability and can be stretched up to double size, so they are guaranteed to follow the body regardless of what exercises you do without them falling down. The fabric is knitted, which provides incredibly good breathability. Any kind of moisture or sweat disappears immediately.

Good crossfit training clothes are the cornerstone of a good workout

The basics of crossfit training clothing – functional T-shirts and tank tops, shorts and leggings, and sports bras – are designed to optimize your training experience. By choosing the right materials that offer breathability, freedom of movement, durability and support, you can improve your performance and enjoy a more comfortable and effective training routine. Remember, the right clothing can make a world of difference.

Choose the right crossfit training clothes from Birke1972

It goes without saying that the right crossfit training clothes are essential for anyone who takes their training seriously. At Birke1972, we have understood this necessity and have dedicated ourselves to creating training clothing that not only meets, but exceeds the demands of crossfit enthusiasts. Our clothing offers a unique combination of functionality, durability, and style, making it an ideal choice for both the serious athlete and the everyday exerciser.

Our attention to detail and understanding of the versatile nature of the sport of crossfit means we offer clothing that provides optimal support and freedom of movement, whether you're lifting weights, doing burpees or doing intense cardio. By choosing Birke1972's training clothes, you ensure a product that can withstand the challenges that crossfit offers, and which at the same time helps you to perform at your best.

Remember, in a world where every movement counts, the right workout clothes aren't just a matter of appearance – they're a fundamental part of your performance and well-being during exercise. With Birke1972's training clothes, you will be dressed for success every time you step into the gym.

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